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Student worker to support the Rightly Online Brand Protection Team

Job identification

Job title: Online Brand Protection Analyst Assistant

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Rightly is seeking a Head of Brand Protection

Company Overview

Rightly is the fast-growing legal tech company focused on Intellectual Property (IP). Our platform connects the various stakeholders...

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Globalisation of discovery in IP litigation and IP management challenges

One of the enduring effects of the global pandemic is the stronger realisation of how we are all connected, much more closely than we perhaps...

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Student worker to support the Rightly Commercial Team

Rightly is a venture-funded legal tech startup. We are building the next ultimate platform for IP management to minimise manual task handling,...

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Big changes at Rightly Law Firm & exciting news for Rightly Tech Company

In 2019, Rightly Law Firm developed tools inspired by the pressing need to create scalability in their own firm and the wider IP legal services...
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New Year, new look, new opportunities for law firms to grow

It seems like every year has been a big year at Rightly. 2021 was no exception - it was a rollercoaster year of growth and increasing certainty that...

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Release notes - November 2021

Our focus at the moment is mainly on improving the flow for renewing IP records. This release and the coming releases will contain additions and...

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Release notes - October 2021

We have been focusing on improving the overall experience of the platform, as well beginning to improve the flow of renewal tasks. Furthermore, we...

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Release notes - September 2021

This release has focused on improving the experience of the platform, removing bugs and implementing more quality-of-life improvements.

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The Dream of 21 Hairpin Bends

It started out as bet between Bjørn and I.

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