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Rightly Leading the Talents

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Lead the Talent is a consultancy created to help unemployed academics. Since 2012 they have been practicing talent development focused on diversity and innovation. Today they are building bridges between talents and companies with their High Potentials program, and four of the talents started at Rightly in the beginning of March.

We have the pleasure of their company and skill sets for the next three months and really look forward to seeing their potential unfold. The talents have shared a few of their thoughts about the project, why they chose Rightly, and their ambitions for their time at the company.

Mads Westergaard Nielsen, Cand.mag in History and English

While I was studying History at the university, one of my biggest challenges was to tell my mom why I was studying History and what I was going to do with it when I was finished. After graduating I found out my mother had a point for once. Because, with a graduate degree in History I know a lot about how the world used to look, and why this is interesting. But how does this knowledge translate into a modern-day company where results and outcomes are important?

I think Rightly is the right place and the right case to find out. Although history is about the past, there is no doubt that the procedures and methods can also be used to analyse in real-time. I hope I can use my skills to improve the data enrichment process and prospecting and all the other exciting stuff we will be doing at Rightly! My goal is to demonstrate how I can help a company like Rightly.

And at least I would be able to give a good answer to my mom.

Anca Elena Papainog, MSc in Entrepreneurship and Business Design

Throughout my professional life, I have been working mostly with SME’s and tech-based startups, helping them grow in their respective markets, develop new products and services, become more visible online, etc. And after spending the past 2 years in entrepreneurial ecosystems, I knew that I was not ready to leave this uncertain, but extremely exciting, world and so I had a clear idea of the kind of company I wanted to join: a tech-based startup whose product delivers a real value to society, and where I can take initiative from day 1 - Rightly fitted my description perfectly, so I couldn’t be happier.

As a Business Analyst at Rightly, I have the opportunity of using and expanding my business acumen, while learning from so many talented colleagues that are always there to lend a helping hand. I am also very excited to learn more about IP and after an amazing introduction week, I am extremely excited to have joined the Rightly team, and I’m looking forward to getting to work!

Berit Jørgensen, Cand.mag in Language and Literature and Diploma in Communication and Journalism

Though I like working with communications, my work ended up being more and more based on sitting behind a screen - and the lack of contact with customers got to me. Also, I have this unnurtured salesperson in me, which was longing to get out. But it is not easy to suddenly change your career at my age (51).

So, when I got the opportunity to be with Rightly for three months, I thought: "This is my chance to try something completely different - to really learn something completely new and to test my sales talent in real life!"

If I am going to sell something, it must be a product that I find useful and that brings value into the world. Luckily Rightly does exactly that! Rightly has a service and a product that is much needed to many people and businesses: It helps cut down counterfeiting and stop infringements of intellectual property.

What I really look forward to during my time at Rightly is to be a part of a start-up company that has a very professional approach to their sales process as well as an aura of a very encouraging, cool and inspiring atmosphere.

Fernando Nunez, Master in Business Administration

I have a degree in Accounting and for the past 20 years I have worked with bookkeeping, accounting management, and finance. In pursuit of supplementing my Accounting degree with future oriented business insights, I have taken a Master's in Business Administration (MBA).

I chose the Lead the Talent development course because it offered me the chance to expand my job opportunities, strengthens my network and sharpens my skills. I felt that Rightly’s case description had a winning spirit. The tasks provided an opportunity to disrupt a traditionally oriented industry by introducing online services in a global market and I wanted to be part of that plan.

I'm a hard worker with the experience to get things done efficiently. I can contribute with my analytical skills and have also acquired practical knowledge regarding strategic foresight and digital marketing. I’m sure it will help facilitate good results for the case the group has to work within the next three months, and I look forward to a good, constructive and long-term cooperation.

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Rightly Leading the Talents

Lead the Talent is a consultancy created to help unemployed academics. Since 2012 they have been practicing talent...