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Release notes - September 2021

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This release has focused on improving the experience of the platform, removing bugs and implementing more quality-of-life improvements.


  •  You are now required to set a new renewal date when setting a renewal task status to ‘Completed’.
  • The “Export to PDF” feature now exports the table with the data you have selected through the filters.
  • We have been working on the responsiveness on the platform, so generally the platform should support more screen size and resolutions now. Should the platform look odd on your screen, we would very much like to hear from you. Please email us at hello@rightly.io.
  • You can now mark data on the tables again (for copy/pasting). To go to the details page either click the “Actions” button or click the left side image box.
  • You can now go directly from an IP record details view to a related Matter or Task.

Bug fixes:

  • Accessing an IP Record through the details side panel would sometimes direct you to an empty IP record.
  • Case reference number was not displaying when viewing details in the side panel.
  • Avatar images were in some cases stretched when uploading a tall image.
  • When navigating between designated countries in a WIPO record, not all data fields updated correctly.
  • Creating a note with a deadline and a priority on an IP record did not save its priority.
  • Various minor graphical fixes.

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