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Release notes - October 2021

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We have been focusing on improving the overall experience of the platform, as well beginning to improve the flow of renewal tasks. Furthermore, we have revamped the system emails to a much more visually pleasing experience. 



  • Table column setup persistence: From today, the platform should now remember your column setup from the last time you used the specific table. 
  • Email branding: Emails have gone through a complete overhaul and have become much more aesthetically pleasing. If you have set up your enterprise logo and client responsibles, the emails from the system will now include your logo and profile picture in the email towards your clients. 

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  • Global search: In the top on the platform, you will now see a global search bar, which can search across all your managed IP records. Clicking on an IP Record will take you directly to the subpage for that record.

  • Platform invitation: It is now possible to invite both client users and other enterprise users to the platform for them to create their own account. This replaces the old way of creating an account and sending the account info to the user. 


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  • It is now possible to set a renewal date for all designated countries when renewing a WIPO record. 



  • You can now see status color codes on designations under a WIPO record details. 

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  • Sequence numbers were causing some confusion and have thus been removed as a part of the case reference number. 
  • Changing page in a table now, will now make the page scroll to top.


  • Attachment count could be incorrect when duplicating an IP Record 
  • Column order was being ignored when exporting IP Records to PDF 
  • If you removed the client column from IP Records table when exporting to PDF, the client's name would disappear from the PDF 
  • Some images could appear clickable even though they were not 
  • Some filters were not filtering on exact choice 
  • In some cases, not all images would appear on an IP Record 

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