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Release notes - July 2021

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It is now possible to handle your Matters on the Rightly platform!

The Matter can contain multiple fields of information and can be connected to existing relevant IP Records. The Matter can be assigned to specific persons within your organisation, so you can keep track of who is responsible for which Matters. It is also possible to store information on the counterpart and even create multiple counterparts to choose between. Furthermore, it is possible to write status updates with specific dates, so you can keep track of the Matter history. Finally, it is now possible to create attachments relevant to the Matter, each with a category as well as the received date.


Tasklist revamp

As our numbers of active clients rapidly expands, the demands of our task list does too, so we decided to give it a complete overhaul!

The new task list provides a much more detailed and interactive overview of the currently active tasks. A task can now have a user as responsible, as well as a priority. At the top of the list, you see an overview of how many tasks there are, flagged with their respective priority. From the list view, it is possible to change the priority of a task as well as change the person responsible to a different user.

As an addition, in the top right corner, there is a calendar button, which will change the view to an interactive calendar view so you more explicitly can see the deadlines for the different tasks, in order to see which tasks should be focused on next.

As always it is possible to utilise filters if you only wish to see specific data.


Declaration of use column

We have added ‘Declaration of use’ as a column to IP Records, which is also implemented as a filtering and sorting option



In the top right corner of the platform, you may notice a small button with a bell on it. That is our new notification system!

For now, only very few system notifications has been activated, but as we progress with releases you will begin to notice more and more notifications from the system to make you aware of things you should pay attention to.


Bug fixes

IP Records

  • The attachment count in the table overview in IP Records had a count fault, it has now been fixed and it now shows the correct number of attachments.

  • There was a loading issue when working on the WIPO IP record. When you were in a WIPO and wanted to see information in the designated countries the case reference or other fields didn’t update until a page refresh.


  • The Details column is no longer covering the Action buttons.

  • You can now Help us get better – the button is now responding again, and you can send feedback.

  • Company settings have been updated so now you can add users again.

  • The year drop-down had a minor fault when an already set deadline was set, it always displayed the current year even when a deadline was in the future This has now been fixed - the drop-down is now set to the year of the deadline.

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