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Pricing & Profits - Revenue Trends In IP Law 2021

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What is the difference that Rightly wants most to make in the IP world? We engineer smart, collaborative solutions that turn the traditional model on its head and opens the door for every law firm to be empowered to grow and scale their business. 

But to know where you are going, it's useful to take a moment to assess where you are. And if you can achieve some sort of benchmark that highlights critical milestones along the way as well as giving you insights on how the industry as a whole are doing and how they are hitting the very milestones that you desire, so much the better.

There is no topic that sits more securely at the centre of growth and scalability than money. While public sympathies lie with the image of a burnt-out, yet valiant public defender attorney fighting big bad corporates (and probably cockroaches) with only his wits and passion to drive him, chronically underfunded legal services are not a desirable thing.

In the IP world, heavy dependence on slow, manual processes along with the frequent need to absorb overhead and services as the price of doing business can eat into your bottom line. Combined with increasing client sensitivity to pricing, there is a sense of a long, inexorable race to the bottom. But there are solutions too!

Our survey looks at general trends in pricing and profits in IP Law Firms. No specific disclosures in relation to fees charged to clients, profit margins or any other particulars that relate to your internal information are requested, all responses are anonymous with no IP address tracking and it should take less than 2 minutes to complete - we would love you to participate!


Often, the greatest value in completing a survey, lies in seeing the full picture of the aspect of your industry studied and of course, we want you to gain useful, actionable insights that will help you to understand the current attitudes to pricing, profit margins, business models and tools across the IP law firm world.

When the survey completes, we will provide a full analysis of the questions asked from IP law firms in clear, usable format. Please click below to pre-register so we can ensure you receive your copy as soon as it is available!

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