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Money, value & the practising IP lawyer...

There is no object on this earth with which we have a stranger relationship than money. For much of our history, we traded goods and services in a...

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The Dream of 21 Hairpin Bends

It started out as bet between Bjørn and I.

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Can Rightly transform IP Law Firm revenue models?

We bring people together to make a difference in the world. We’re down for helping to make a difference in any sphere of life but our specific...

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Pricing & Profits - Revenue Trends In IP Law 2021

What is the difference that Rightly wants most to make in the IP world? We engineer smart, collaborative solutions that turn the traditional model on...

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2021 marks 100 years since the first Irish women became barristers!

Ireland is gaining quite the reputation as a progressive country in recent years but as we celebrated International Women's Day earlier this month,...

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Team-building tips for lawyers and IP owners

We talk often at Rightly about bringing people together and truly that is the best way in which progress happens. The challenges of working in...

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The remote relationship between lawyer and client

None of us are any stranger to the extreme changes and challenges of a pandemic world and many of us are living life very differently than we once...

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