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New Year, new look, new opportunities for law firms to grow

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It seems like every year has been a big year at Rightly. 2021 was no exception - it was a rollercoaster year of growth and increasing certainty that we are on the right path with our mission to create collaborative and profitable IP management between law firms and their clients. We believe that for IP law firms to grow, the developments and advances that are created must create a win/win for everyone at the table. In 2021, we refined our tools and pricing structures to benefit everyone in a smart and unique way. 

Our dream of a suite of IP management tools and features, designed by IP lawyers and hosted on a single collaborative platform, that will give transparency, peace of mind and ease in reduced workloads for everyone involved, is now a reality. Today, 47,000 IP rights are actively being managed through the Rightly platform and 317,000 IP rights are being protected in online global marketplaces. 

Lawyers, preferred agents overseas and IP owner clients love the simplicity and security of managing their rights collaboratively - combining reduced workloads with absolute peace of mind that nothing gets missed; lowered costs with greater profits is our secret sauce. The speed of adoption of the platform in a very traditionally conservative marketplace blew us away and was the biggest factor in the securing of our first round of funding in the summer of 2021. I am so, so grateful to all of our clients for their enthusiasm and engagement in helping us to make Rightly exactly the platform that will power their growth and help them gain more referrals from new clients. 

The proprietary design of our Online Brand Protection Services was expanded to deliver even more intelligent results which further reduces confusion and workloads for both lawyers and clients. We grew our in-house development team so that we could implement all of the feedback and suggestions of IP lawyers. They’ve put those improvements to good use in managing the now 952 IP owner clients who have access to the Rightly platform through their representative law firm. 

And as Rightly is growing up, so too is our brand. We have come so far, so fast from where we started and so we wanted to kick off 2022 by unveiling a whole new look, a new website and more detailed information about how we help IP professionals get more business, grow their practice, and leverage more revenue from routine IP management work. 

We believe in thriving. We believe that life is supposed to be good. We believe that people should be liberated to do the kind of work that is the most interesting and satisfying to them, that delivers the most value to their company and clients. We are ready to help you discover the joy of transforming your workload.

Are you? Find out more about how we are helping law firms to transform their practice!

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