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Living values in the legal technology world...

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 What attracted you to Rightly as a company?
I believe that, to a degree at least, we create the world that we experience. The last few years have taught me that one of the most powerful ways in which we do that lies in choosing to live our values. We can enhance that by surrounding ourselves with others who are equally committed to those values and growth as an ideal.
Having retired in 2019, I had no intention of stepping back into a full-time role. But then I heard about Rightly and thought "You've gotta meet these guys and see what they're doing!" I was hooked from that first meeting.
Product and people lie at the core of any successful legal tech company. You have to have intuitive tools that grant easy operational efficiencies and you have to have founders who care about the people who will use those tools. When I met Bjørn and Jeppe and saw the Rightly platform, I knew I really wanted to be a part of this story... because it's going to be big!
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How do you envision your skills and experience supporting the Rightly mission?
I think that, generally, there is a very one-dimensional view of lawyers that I would really love to push back on. They're often seen as aloof, unimaginative creatures who shy away from technology and risk in equal measure. In my career, I have talked to thousands of lawyers in many law firms and countries and have yet to find a single one that meets the constraints of the stereotype!
It makes no sense to me to present lawyers as lacking innovation in their thinking. If this were true, case law would be deeply boring! I have found lawyers as a group to be intelligent, articulate and agile thinkers, open-minded about tech developments, realistic about the challenges of implementation and incredibly generous and entertaining with their knowledge and experiences. I'm really looking forward to bringing that perspective to life!
In a similar way, IP owners are not well-represented by either the 'big bad guys' or the 'naive but plucky startup' stereotypes. They care about their brands. They care about their products. They care about their customers. And the experience of infringement is rarely as straightforward for them as simply calculating a value in dollars. It is my hope that in being part of a movement to change how we talk about infringement, that we might play a role in driving a shift in public attitudes towards it.
What about the company culture at Rightly most appeals to you?
The most important factors in creating and maintaining a company culture are undoubtedly the founders. From the first meeting, I knew that Bjørn and Jeppe were not only creating a company culture but authentically living it too. They believe, as I do, in coming together to create positive change. That focusing on solutions instead of problems moves everyone forward. Their commitment to transforming IP management for lawyers and IP owners is not only about operational gains, although that's important. Here at Rightly, it's a 'whole life' issue and it is the application of technology in the very best of ways - empowering professionals to lead more creative, energetic, growth-orientated and fulfilling lives. I'm so excited to be a part of that culture.

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