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From Lithuania with love

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At Rightly, we're very lucky to have a few internationals around the offices, and one of them is Justina from Lithuania.

We are so fortunate that Justina offered to prepare some Lithuanian additions to our lunch table this Friday.

Šaltibarščiai is a traditional, Lithuanian beetroot soup, it is served cold like the Spanish tomato soup, gazpacho, with hot potatoes on the side. It's a simple recipe and easy to make, and it has a gorgeous pink color.

Justina has been with Rightly since February 2021, she started as a student worker but has been working full time since she finished her Bachelor's degree in Finance in January this year.

About working at Rightly, Justina says: "I love that our co-founder has always been supportive, it's been a tremendous help for my development and a great start to my professional career. I feel like I am really growing with the company, and I appreciate that.
Rightly has a wonderful company culture with bbqing and Friday Bars. There is a nice social environment and it's easy to fit in, even as an international. I've been taken very good care of and have always felt welcome."

In addition to the beet soup, she also made 'koldūnai su grietinė' (dumplings with sour cream).


Try a taste of Lithuania

Recipe for šaltibarščiai (2 servings)

500 g kefir (preferably 2,5 %)
250 g beets, boiled or marinated
100 g fresh cucumbers
1 spring onion
Fresh dill
1 egg

For serving:
400 g potatoes, boiled, baked, or fried
Fresh dill, chopped

Grate the beets, cut the cucumbers into small cubes, slice the spring onion, and chop the dill.
Mix them all in a large bowl.

Pour the kefir over the vegetables, flavor with salt according to taste, mix and let stand for several minutes - the longer the mixed vegetables stand, the tastier the soup will be.

Pour the soup into bowls, and cut the boiled egg into pieces into the bowls.
The cold soup is served with potatoes flavored with dill.


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