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Big changes at Rightly Law Firm & exciting news for Rightly Tech Company

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In 2019, Rightly Law Firm developed tools inspired by the pressing need to create scalability in their own firm and the wider IP legal services industry generally. The immense popularity of these tools and the critical issues that they solved as the pandemic progressed meant that soon a new company was needed to develop these services into the fully fledged, cloud-based, end-to-end IP management platform that we know as Rightly today.
The Rightly law firm retained Jeppe Hudtloff Viinberg as Managing Partner and he also stepped into the role of CEO at Rightly ApS and we became two sister, but seperate, companies. Due to phenomenal growth of both the law firm and Rightly ApS across the past 2 years, the time has come where the demands of both companies exceed any one person's capacity to manage effectively.
So from the 1st April 2022, Rightly Law Firm has become part of aera and has changed its name to aera law and you will see many familiar faces on the new aera team page!
And these are exciting times for Rightly too!
With the change in ownership of Rightly law firm, our CEO Jeppe Hudtloff Viinberg can focus 100% of his time on building the future of IP management and brand protection all in one platform. 
Already in Q1 2022, growth in Rightly's customer base and feature development has exceeded even our own expectations. Our international IP Agent network directory has expanded significantly and while law firms are always free to choose their preferred agents, we're keen that customers should have a wide range of IP Agents to choose from globally if they need to.
Our Automated Renewal workflows have provided greater value to our customers than even we had initially hoped. The data on the total attorney hours saved from routine work on renewals and increased revenue from previously manual IP management means that our customers can strategize to scale and grow their law firms in way that was previously unimaginable - this is a dream come true for Rightly!
Amongst the many new features and tools coming up as we move forward this year, lies the new Portfolio Audit Tool which will assist you in ensuring that no elements such as documentation, dates or other data is missing from your clients portfolios in the platform. And as you onboard new clients, the volume of hours saved in manually inspecting each portfolio for missing data enhances your scalability and growth at every step.
If you have any questions about Rightly Law Firm, Rightly ApS, or would even just like to have an early preview of what's coming up, please don't hesitate to contact our Head of Customer Success, Pernille Østergaard at peo@rightly.io

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